AFR 1690 - LS1 Chevy 245cc Mongoose Cylinder Heads-Pair

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73cc Combustion Chambers

This is an unassembled bare cylinder head with valve guides and valve seats installed only. 

Does NOT include any parts such as valves, springs, spring components, studs or guide plates.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

LS1/LS2/LS6 Chevy 245cc LSX Mongoose Basic Package Components
100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports
100% CNC Ported Intake Ports
Competition 5-Angle Valve Job
Intake Valve Size - 2.165'' (Valve not included)
Exhaust Valve Size - 1.600'' (Valve not included)
Intake Valve Seats
Exhaust Valve Seats
Bronze Valve Guides
LS1/LS2/LS6 Chevy 245cc LSX Mongoose Strip Head Specifications
Head Torque w/Moly Lube 11mm ARP 70 Ft. Lbs. / 8mm 23 Ft. Lbs.
Intake Port Volume 245cc
Exhaust Port Volume 88cc
Exhaust Port Gasket Fel Pro 375-1440
Head Gasket Needs a 4.200'' Bore Gasket 
Cometic 033-6845
Head Bolts & Studs Standard ARP
Head Bolt Washers Standard ARP
Shaft Mount Rocker Arms Yella Terra Ultralite p/n 033-6038
Suggested Manifold LS6 or FAST p/n 244-54039B
Spark Plug Starting Range AC 41-974 Platinum
Combustion Chambers 73cc
Spring Pocket can be cut to 1.525, no deeper.
Valve Spacing Stock
Rocker Arms Stock
Valve Angle Stock
Flat Mill .006'' per cc

A tremendous amount of time and energy was invested to bring you this 245cc LS1/LS2/LS6 Gen III head that represents the pinnacle in cathedral design bolt-on performance. With over 355 CFM's available, it has intake flow numbers approaching GM's famed (and much larger) LS7 head with much stronger exhaust flow in comparison. This head is AFR's ''take no prisoners'' LSX cathedral shaped offering and its focus is large displacement combinations, like 415-454ci with a minimum bore size of 4.000''. It requires a head gasket bore of 4.200'' or larger and comes standard equipped with lightweight 2.160'' intake valves / 1.600'' exhaust. Another unique feature of this head is that it is ''solid roller friendly'' having been designed and machined to accept larger .375'' (3/8'') diameter pushrods without additional clearancing (in most applications) and comes direct from the factory with 1.510'' spring pockets (Note: Under no condition can these pockets be machined deeper). With an aggressive set-up this head is capable of producing power in the 700HP range while still providing gobs of low and mid-range torque. It is still a factory direct bolt on with standard length valves, stock valve train geometry, and everything in their respective OEM locations. It of course comes standard equipment with AFR's trademark 3/4'' head deck and the same rugged castings found in the rest of the AFR LSX line up. Make sure you're packing lots of displacement to fully realize the benefits that this head can offer you and hang on when its time to go 'Wide Open Throttle'! Made in USA.

Installation Notes: LSX bead locks and aftermarket bead locks are not interchangeable. GM made their bead lock radius and depth different. AFR locks are the same as GM LSX.

245cc LSX Mongoose Strip Cylinder Head Features:
  • 100% CNC Ported Combustion Chambers
  • 100% CNC Ported Exhaust Ports
  • 100% CNC Ported Intake Ports
  • Competition 5-angle Valve Job
  • 245cc Intake Ports
  • 88cc Exhaust Port
  • Bead Lock Intake Valve, 2.165'' x 4.915'' Overall Valve Length
  • Bead Lock Exhaust Valve, 1.600'' x 4.907'' Overall Valve Length
  • PAC Racing Valve Spring: 1.270'' OD Hydraulic Roller Dual Valve Spring, 155 lbs on seat, .650'' maximum lift, Max RPM 7000-7200
  • 7° 1.250'' Titanium Retainers
  • 7° Bead Lock Valve Keepers
  • Viton Valve Seals
  • Hardened Spring Cup
  • Intake Valve Seats
  • Exhaust Valve Seats
  • Bronze Valve Guides 

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