PML Dodge Corporate 9¼" Ring Gear, 12 Bolt, Rear, Cast


Dodge Corporate 9¼" Ring Gear, 12 Bolt
Differential Cover for Ram 1500, Durango, Dakota

P/N 9518

PML Dodge 9 1/4 Corp Diff Cover, as-cast PML Corp 9 1/4 Diff Cover, black powder coat PML Dodge 9 1/4 Diff Cover, polished As-cast finish
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Volume: 0.7 quarts over stock

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions. A separate window will open and load an image.

This cover fits the rear differential on the following vehicles:

  • Ram 1500, 1994 to present
    • 2009 and up should check clearance with sway and pan hard bars as it is a tight fit but has been installed on some models
    • SRT models see our Dana 60 cover
    • Mega Cab models see the larger AAM 10½ cover
  • Dakota, 1998-2003, 5.9 engine
  • Dakota, 2000 & newer, 4.7 engine
    May have the Corporate 8¼ 10 bolt cover - count your bolts to check)
  • Durango, 1998-2003
    May have the Corporate 8¼ 10 bolt cover - count your bolts to check)
  • Ram Vans may have this cover or the smaller Corporate 8¼ cover - count your bolts to check

This Dodge rear end cover features drain, level check, and fill holes for easier maintenance. Just below the fill plug, is the level check hole. You fill until the fluid comes out of that hole. Plugs are provided for all three holes. The drain plug is magnetic.

Temperature Sending Unit Optional Machining

The cover has a location on face that can be machined for a temperature sensor. The option to have the cover drilled and tapped will need to be ordered over the phone, not on-line, and there is a machining charge. The temperature sending unit will stick out perpendicular to the face of the service. Please call to order or for more information.