• LEDGlow Advanced 3 Million Wireless USB Truck Underbody Kit

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    LEDGlow’s Advanced 3 Million Wireless USB Truck Underbody Kit is the ultimate in underbody lighting. This underbody lighting kit includes two additional 24 inch tubes that provide added underbody lighting for vehicles with a larger wheel base, and allows you to fully customize patterns, colors, pattern speed, as well as all other functions with the included Advanced 3 Million Control Box.

    • 9 Preset Lighting Patterns that Include Color Cycle, Color Fading, and Color Chasing Modes
    • 7 Preset Solid Color Modes with 18 Different Shades of Each Preset Color, as well as the Ability to Create any Solid Color You Desire
    • 18 Preset Multi-Color Lighting Patterns that are Fully Customizable
    • 18 Preset Multi-Color Lighting Patterns Include Chasing, Fading, Flashing, Strobing
    • Sound Activation can be Used on All Patterns with the Included Music Sensor
    • 4 Button Control Box with Red Digital Numeric Display
    • 4 Button Wireless Remote
    • USB Junction Box
    • USB Extender Kit
    • Each Underbody Tube is Designed to be Installed in a Particular Section of the Vehicle for Pattern Sequencing
    • 24 Inch Tubes Provide Added Coverage for Vehicles with a Larger Wheel Base
    • Rear Underbody Tube is Specifically Designed with 18 Feet of Power Wire for Easier installation, all Other Underbody Tubes Include 13 Feet of Power Wire
    • Mounting Hardware and Installation Instructions
    • One Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support From the Manufacturer