Straub SureOil LS Trunnion Retro Kit

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These new bushing LS trunnion kits for factory LS rockers are designed to increase durability and load capacity without the failure prone needle bearings. Engineered to provide maximum lubrication to the trunnion while also providing maximum load capabilities, the NEW bushing LS trunnion UP-grade kits give the LS world peace of mind.

The proprietary bushing material is fed with an oil channel at the 11 and 1 o'clock positions of the trunnion. This channel constantly feeds oil to the bushing surface ensuring proper lubrication unlike needle bearing trunnions the have to rely on oil “finding” it’s way to the needles. The greater surface area of the bushing will support 300X the load of what a needle will due to the fact that only 3 needle on the bottom of the race are carrying the load. Also there is NO CHANCE of needle bearings destroying the engine when using much more aggressive cam profiles and a rocker fails.

100% Engineered in the USA. Kit includes the trunnion, bushings and C-Clips and can be used with the stock rocker bolt. Fits all OEM LS Rockers, LS1/2/3/6 and 7.