• Spohn Tubular K-Member - LT1 - 1993-1997 GM F-Body: Camaro & Firebird


    Spohn's k-member provides substantial weight savings and frees up a lot of room in the engine bay for our drag race customers, but it also provides the strength, rigidity, and durability for our road race, autox, and daily driver customers as well..... all in one package!

    Their tubular k-member features gusseted a-arm mounts for maximum rigidity and side load support. These k-members are gusseted in critical areas (over 20 locations!) to ensure that a weld never breaks. They decrease overall weight, and provide much more room for large tube headers, turbo systems, etc.

    Spohn's k-member will accept stock a-arms, or for additional weight loss and performance enhancement we also offer tubular a-arms.

    Their jig was built around the factory k-member providing for an exact fit and factory exact dimensions. Every detail of the factory k-member was incorporated, including all five brake line mounts. There's no "zip tying" of the brake lines with this k-member.

    Build Specifications and Features:

    • 1.50" x .120" wall DOM tubing - formed one piece front hoop
    • 1.50" x .120" wall DOM tubing a-arm mount tubes
    • 1.25" x .120" wall DOM tubing rear support tube
    • OEM style button head locating pins
    • CNC laser cut 3/16" steel gussets in over 20 locations for maximum strength and durability
    • CNC laser cut and formed 3/16" steel a-arm mounts, solid welded inside and outside. Outside welds are sanded smooth to allow for a flush fit to the car, eliminate stress risers, and provide a clean and smooth professional appearance
    • All a-arm mounts are gusseted front and rear for side load strength. The slots have been lengthened to provide more a-arm adjustment over the stock k-member. Recessed passenger's side rear a-arm mount to provide clearance for long tube headers. Rear a-arm mount boxes are offset bent just like the factory k-member for factory exact fit and finish 
    • CNC laser cut and formed reinforced 3/16" steel rack mounts
    • Welded in a special built rotary jig to insure an exact fit and allow for precision welds entirely in the flat position
    • Includes (6) new 12mm Grade 10.9 k-member mounting bolts and heavy flat washers
    • Includes (8) new flanged head motor mount bolts and flanged head steel lock nuts
    • Includes all five brake line mounts and new brake line mounting tab bolts and nuts
    • LT1 motor mounting pads allow for the installation of the stock LT1/LT4 motor mounts
    • Durable and brilliant powder coated finish in your choice of the above colors  



    K-members are available with no motor mount pads for those who will be using a front motor plate, or with motor mount pads that will allow installation of the factory LT1 motor mount bushing stands.

    Note: If you will be using any block mounted motor mounts then you must get the motor mount pads installed on the k-member. The motor mount pads are what the block mounted motor mounts bolt fast to on the k-member.

    K-members can be set up for the factory steering rack or for mounting a Spohn Pinto manual rack kit. If you will be installing Spohn's manual rack kit choose this option and the k-member will come with the additional required rack mount installed.

    4130N Upgrade: The ultimate in bullet-proof lightweight strength, 4130N chrome moly tubing construction! Same as above, but constructed from 1.50" x .083" and 1.25" x .095" 4130N chrome moly tubing.