ZEX Race EFI Universal (Wet) Blackout Nitrous System™


For serious race applications, the ZEX™ Race EFI Nitrous System is the best choice. Featuring Fuel Shear™ Technology, enrichment fuel is injected directly into the center of the nitrous plume, yielding total and even fuel atomization. Tunable from 100-250 horsepower, the race kit features other important ZEX™ features such as Active Fuel Control™ to adjust fuel enrichment with fluctuations in bottle pressure and the patented ZEX™ electronic TPS switch for nitrous activation at wide open throttle.


  • Complete wet nitrous system; Includes everything for a safe, proper install

  • Adjustable from 100-250 HP w/ supplied tuning jets; Perfect for mild to wild performance

  • Multiple fuel tap fittings included to assure easy fitment to many applications

  • Detailed instructions provide for an easy, single afternoon installation

  • Designed for serious street/strip & race applications
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